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Parslow’s Decks is a well established and well staffed business that has been in operation since the year 2000. In that time frame it has grown to over 6 staff members and is continually growing.

Our staff are all highly experienced builders, carpenters and tradesmen who have many years experience working on both large and small custom projects.

We also employ some apprentices so that we can use our experience to teach and train younger and enthusiastic people willing to learn the skills of the trade.

Alex Parslow the owner and founder started Parslow’s Decks to fulfil his passion to be self employed and also to develop high quality, award winning projects. Alex who still owns and operates Parslow’s Decks has been in the building industry for over 18 years in that time frame he has completed some of Sydney’s most outstanding projects, setting the standards even higher each time.

It is Alex’s goal to build projects to perfection. This is demonstrated by the end product that is produced and a reputation that speaks for itself.

Alex has succeeded because of his strong commitment to the highest level of workmanship and his attention to detail. Every single aspect of the job at hand is done to perfection. Alex, confidently states that “It needs to be done better than the rest. The good thing about our work is that it can be both seen and shown to other people. The end product demonstrates the quality and skill of the workmanship involved.”

Parslow’s Decks uses the best quality materials available and we ensure that the material is not only of the highest quality, but that it is also environmentally friendly. We only use Australian Plantation Timber, which comes from trees that have been especially grown to be harvested for the building industry, not cut from the forests around the world. This is a practice that we boldly stand against, because we represent high quality and sustainable living.

There are many benefits in using Plantation Timber, the most important one being that you know exactly where it comes from and know for sure that what you are doing is not damaging our environment and our world.