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At Parslow’s Decks we ensure that all materials used are of the highest quality and standards. We understand that the needs of our customers are different and for this reason we supply a variety of materials for decks, stairs, handrails, doors and windows.

Hardwood Timber – hard timber, durable, hard waring timber.

Treated Pine – Soft wood, durability not as high as hardwood, treated for white ants and rot.

Steel – Light weight Duragal Galvanised Steel, light weight frame structure. Ideal for bush fire areas, set to council requirements and zone area conditions.

Composite – Plastic decking, believe it or not it is actually made from recycled milk cartons and cardboard. It is thus environmentally friendly, is rot free and also long lasting. This is a very strong and popular material that is being used.

Colourbond – Metal roofing, colourbond steel roofing.

Polycarbonate – Plastic, high durability, UV protection, solar protection, allows light transmission though the sheet (translucent)

Glass – Tinted, plain, frosted, opaque

Shade Cloth – Cloth material which is laid on roofs instead of other roofing. Allows for different tints of light transmission.

Reed Thatch – Alternate to other roofing, also know as Balinese style roofs/huts, bamboo and thatched roofs.

Shade Sails – alternate to other roofing (pergolas), canvas or shade cloth material.