Privacy Screens Installations

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Do you have a nosy neighbour in Sutherland Shire who continually tries to peak at the activities in your backyard? If so, that’s a bummer, and we’re sorry you have to live with that. Do you really, though? Our organization has a variety of privacy screens available, and one of them could be perfect for your predicament. As its name implies, a privacy screen will provide you with privacy.

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Hence, if that’s the intention, give us a call to keep your neighbour’s nose on their side of the fence, where it belongs. Did you know that the council sometimes requires people to have screens, like when something they build, such as a deck around a pool, intrudes on the privacy of others? It’s true. In other words, you’ll be required to have one to prevent your family and guests from spying on the neighbours.

Privacy screens aren’t always just for privacy. Nope, these devices also produce shade. You know, that lovely stuff that can help you, pets, and others escape the sweltering heat. Last but certainly not least, privacy screens serve architectural purposes as well. If you’re trying to create a certain look or feel in your yard, let us install one and help you accomplish the feat.

What types of privacy screens are available through us? We believe in giving our customers options; that’s why we offer six different styles of privacy screens: hardwood slatted, opaque glass, clattered, powder-coated aluminum, lattice, and frosted glass. Regardless of why you need a privacy screen, just know that we’ve got your back. Are you ready to get started? Yes, that’s great because so are we. Contact Parslow’s Decks to schedule a consultation about privacy screens or our other products and services. One of our professionals is standing by to take your call.