Timber Pergolas

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Have you heard of timber pergolas? They are extensions to homes that are typically used for entertaining outdoors. The coverings often go above decks and produce shade. As such, hosts and guests can hide beneath them to beat the heat and avoid getting blistered by the sun’s rays. That isn’t all that pergolas are good for, though. These structures also protect against the wind and rain. You know, all those beautiful parts of nature that can ruin Sutherland Shire get-togethers quickly.

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Did you know that timber pergolas can be designed and built in all different shapes and sizes? It’s true. Hence, if you can dream it, there’s probably a pergola for that. Before jumping the gun and starting construction, it’s important to note that you may need council approval. You have to dot all your I’s and cross your T’s first, but don’t worry. Those who choose us get our assistance with the process to make things go smoothly.

A timber pergola can be stained or painted colours to match your house. Then again, you can paint it a completely different colour scheme than your home if you like. The decision is up to you. It is notable to mention that if you pick treated pine, that material is treated with a particular chemical. It must be painted for external use for the warranty to apply.

Speaking of the warranty, did we mention that if owners properly maintain and care for our pergolas as suggested, they get a seven-year warranty on the building work? Whatever you’ve got in mind for your pergola, Parslow’s Decks has you covered. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today. If all goes well, the team is ready to get to work designing the pergola of your dreams. Then, our professionals will follow through by constructing it too.