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At  Parslow’s  Decks we do everything when it comes to designing and building outdoor decks, pergolas, roofing and the likes. From design to council plans, we do everything that is needed.

Our services involve meeting and liaising with our customers, whether they are builders or individual residential customers and finding out what they want. Our services help produce professional outdoor timber structures that meet their exact aesthetic and functional needs.

As licensed carpenters and builders, we uphold the highest level of building and design standards, as well as adhere to industry best practices.

We use high quality materials and all our workmanship is guaranteed. We pride ourselves as decking and pergola specialists because we know what to do and what we do we do well.

We consider ourselves ‘outdoor people’, because our entire focus is on the design, construction and improvement of outdoors areas, creating timber structures that are designed to serve a practical purpose.

Our Services Include;


We offer professional consultation. We will gladly sit with you and discuss your individual needs. We like to offer advice based on our experience to ensure that our clients get the best results.

The idea is to build something that will not only look good but serve its purpose and also last the test of time.

From council to completion we will take care of all that is needed, including supply, install and maintenance. Everything that is needed from design to completion – Call us today for a free consultation. >


Decks are outdoor structures that are ideal for swimming areas, bbq areas, entertainment areas, pavilions and the likes – Learn more about decking. >


This involves all aspects of covering outside areas to create shade, entertaining areas, enhance and produce light transmission, increase or reduce heat, and also different kinds of water proofing.

Our roofing services include Re-roofing houses, repairs and maintenance as well as roof replacements. Depending on the clients needs, we can also build roofs from scratch, as well as design custom new roofs to suit the individual requirements of our clients. We are also able to create roofs based on pre designed building plans and architectural drawings – Learn more about Roofing design and construction >


These are outdoor structures that are ideal for covering decks, pavillions and outdoor entertainment areas of all kinds. We can essentially create any kind of pergola to suite our clients needs – Learn more about our Pergolas >


We also custom build stairs to suite our clients needs. These can range from small level stairs to entire double storey and higher – Learn more about our Stairs >


Carports vary in design and style, they range from Flat/Skillion Roofs, to Pitched/Gable Roofs as well as various other types. Most Carports require a DA (Development Approval) from the council, however Parslow’s Decks can help you with this – Learn More about our Carport construction services >

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens provide protection against the external elements such as the wind and also rain. They also also provide privacy from next door neighbours as their name suggest – Learn more about Privacy Screens >


When building your deck you will choose your handrails according to the style of your house and also the type of deck you are building – Learn more about Hand Rails >

Steel Decks/Bush Fire Decks

This is a council requirement in bush fire areas, and they need to be built in a steel framework.

Different Zones require different standards

Deck Refurbishment – Staining & Oiling

While Parslow’s Decks finishes off all their jobs with staining and oiling according to the type of material used on the deck, it is suggested that you continue to stain and oil your deck at least every 12 months. Parslow’s Decks offers this service to its existing customers and to new customers also that might have that requirement.

Design & Council Plans

From Council to Completion’ is the motto that best describes Parslow’s Decks.

At Parslow’s Decks, we can work off your pre existing designs or create new designs for you. We will then make sure that the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that Council requirements and regulations are met and that you need not worry about anything else, but enjoy your deck once it has been completed.

Repairs & Maintenance

Parslow’s Decks offers general repairs and maintenance services, some of our services include; patching of decks, stair repairs, handrails repairs, window and door repairs – Learn more about our Repairs and Maintenance Services >

Windows & Door Installation

Parslow’s Decks also provides both supply and installation of sliding doors, stacker doors, French doors and bi-fold doors as an extension onto the deck. This is ideal for extending entertaining areas and rooms and also excellent for creating easy access onto decks – Learn more about Windows and Doors Installation