Stainless Steel Handrails

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Do you have an existing deck standing above 1 meter tall, or are you planning on having one built soon? If so, there is a council requirement that says it needs handrails. Why? Because it is a safety issue, that’s why. Without something to hold onto, you or your visitors could slip, fall, and get hurt. That’s just bad in general because most of us don’t appreciate pain and suffering.

However, a deck owner that doesn’t install handrails could get hit in the pocketbook as well. If a guest sustains severe injuries on their property, they might get sued for damages. At the very least, a claim may get filed with the homeowner’s insurance company, causing their premiums to skyrocket. Don’t let these issues creep into your life. Instead, have high-quality handrails installed and prevent them from coming to fruition in the first place.

There are handrails made from all sorts of materials on the market today. However, those of stainless steel are some of the best ones, and yep, you guessed it, we’ve got them. The devices fit nicely in hand. They are also smooth and comfortable to grip. Once our professionals mount your stainless steel handrails, they will be sturdy, strong, and capable of helping a person stay on their feet, and that’s what it’s all about. On a final note, stainless steel handrails are easy to keep clean as well. That’s something you should take into consideration before having other pieces installed.

Don’t fret if you are 100 percent set against stainless steel handrails. All is not lost because we have other options too, like powder-coated aluminum or basic timber handrails. Are you ready to make your deck safe and secure? If so, please, don’t hesitate to contact Parslow’s Decks. We’ve got the solutions you need to do just that.